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Explore The Ocean

Offshore Sailing Adventures

We are your offshore sailing experts!

Join HMH Sailing aboard Flight Risk and embark on an unforgettable sailing expedition.

Our mission is to share our passion for offshore passage making with the world. It doesn't matter if you are an "old salt" or have never been on a boat before!  There is something for everyone to learn. Our world-class instructors are just as thrilled to introduce first-timers to ocean sailing as they are to hone already-developed skills of the more experienced sailors.  

But we do not take passengers.  That's correct- you will be a working crew member!  Your shipboard duties will begin as soon as you step foot on the yacht. You will work alongside our experienced team as we teach you with the skills needed for offshore passage making!


The Sailing Yacht

Flight Risk


Flight Risk was hand-built in the world-renowned Ta-Shing yard in the 1990s and was extensively rebuilt and refit in New England in 2023/2024.   She has circumnavigated the globe and has won many races during her colorful history.  She is overbuilt and heavy by today's standards, but she is still considered fast and powerful.  Her comfort and safety factors trump nearly every new production boat available of the past 15 years.




Offshore Pasagemaking



Join an offshore passage as crewmember aboard our classic bluewater sailing yacht Our experienced captains provide sailing instruction for up to 6 adventurers.  Flight Risk is not “charter boat” - she is a serious, fast, offshore sailing yacht.  Your voyage will not be a luxury cruise.  The offshore passages we do are closer in spirit to hiking the Great Himalaya Trail, rather than a sunset charter cruise.  You will be fully immersed in all aspects of the offshore sailing experience.  

Decide whether you would like to join us for a basic sail to a destination in New England or the Caribbean, or come aboard for a longer, more challenging passage, perhaps across the Atlantic or to points North into the Arctic Circle, or points south including Cape Horn and Antartica.  Most of our trips are 3 to 7 days, depending on the destination, wind, and weather.  This is an adventure in offshore passagemaking which guarantees memories for a lifetime!  


"As soon as you are welcomed aboard, you are part of our crew and part of our family.  Within no time, you will on the helm, steering the boat, loading winches, and taking night watches. While it is a lot of work, you will have rewarding experiences which you could not have previously imagined.  Sign on for one of our passages today, and you will only be sorry that you didn't do so earlier!"

Captain Juergen

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Why Choose Us?

The Most Experienced Crew

HMH Sailing specializes in providing exhilarating offshore sailing experiences for sailors of all levels and abilities. With a world-class vessel and expert team, we offer unforgettable passages across rarely traveresed waters.  Come aboard and embark on an adventure that will ignite a passion for ocean sailing and leave you with memories to cherish for a lifetime. 


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Offshore Passages

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