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Behind the Scenes

Meet The Crew


Meet the people it takes to run a long-range Offshore Sailing School.
The people and faces you will meet when enjoying a fun filled day at sea with HMH Sailing. This is by far a shortlist of all the help we receive along the way in different ports and exotic places, but these people are the lifeblood of HMH Sailing. Without this carefully orchestrated team of professionals we wouldn't exist at all.



Juergen is a professional Captain, holding a 1600 Ton Masters License.  He has been a sailing instructor from New England to Bora-Bora and everywhere in between.  His hobbies include kite surfing and diving, having formerly owned a successful dive-shop in Key West, FL.



Theodore is a retired Airline Pilot and professional Captain.  An adventurer at heart, he has been a participant in most of the major offshore yacht races.  As a former test-pilot, he holds several aviation World records. His sailing experience also includes approximately 25,000 nautical miles of singlehanded ocean sailing.



Melanie is relatively new to sailing, but has jumped in with both feet.  She now has several offshore ocean-crossings in her logbook, including 1,000nm+ sails.  When she is not sailing, you can find her hard at work in her all natural botanical-medicines business.   


Kelly quite literally was raised aboard a sailboat.  She has been sailing since before she could walk.  Her sailing experience includes too many coastal and offshore trips to count.  While in port, she enjoys teaching others yoga (traditional as well as aerial), paddleboarding, kayaking, and jewelry making.

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