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What We Do

Offshore Sailing Adventures

Sign on for a passage today with HMH Sailing for the offshore training/crewbuilding experience of a lifetime.

Everything you will need during the course is included in the cost. You’ll be provided a bunk, bedding, food, instruction, camaraderie and adventure! The price does not cover your transportation to and from the program.  We will send a full information packet which includes details on travel, packing, etc. 

Each crew member is expected to take part in all the daily responsibilities aboard including steering, navigating, standing watch, cooking, and anchoring. 

Imagine waking up on a sailing yacht in a remote anchorage only reachable by sail

Exploring islands and coastlines you did not know existed

Gaining practical skills necessary for a safe and fun ocean passages

Knowing what it’s like to live off-grid and self-sufficiently 

Experiencing personal growth and navigating the challenges of a life at sea

Discovering if the sailing lifestyle is something you like to experience more of

What to Expect

As a crew member you can be involved in as much of the daily running of the boat as you wish.  This could be meal preparation or standing a watch. Most trips will have a watch schedule. There will be an appointed watch leader who has sufficient experience. There is something for everyone onboard regardless of your sailing experience. 

Irrespective of which passage you choose,  you will be trained by our highly-experienced crewmembers.

Keep in mind this is a "working passage." We share all tasks on-board: cleaning, cooking, standing watch and navigating. We are very good at making everyone feel comfortable onboard.  When conditions permit, we like to have one formal meal per day with everyone in attendance. However, if you're hungry, make a sandwich- ask your watch partner if they want one.  There will be equal opportunity for all crew members to get equal time on the steering, navigating, handling sails, etc. Other duties include: washing dishes, cleaning, cooking, standing watch, making logbook entries, etc. 

Flight Risk is a big sailboat, but not that big! You won’t have much privacy onboard, and will be living in close quarters in challenging conditions. But you’ll have the time of your life! Each crew will be assigned a berth. This is yours. At sea, in certain extreme conditions, we may rotate where people sleep ('hot-bunking'), but your bunk remains yours for your stuff. 

We choose our departure and routes based on predicted weather, but sometimes conditions will be unpleasant.  We may encounter heavy weather which can be scary for the new sailor.  Flight Risk is a heavy, comfortable sailboat with a gentle motion, but you should be prepared for an uncomfortable sea state, seasickness, sleep deprivation, and physical exhaustion from the days of constant motion.

The crew that sail with us come from all walks of life.  They are of all ages and nationalities. Some have many years of sailing experience, whilst others have never been to sea before. All have shared an adventurous mindset and the call of the ocean.

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